Friday, June 13, 2008


Alyvia Rose Olson
June 10, 2008
4 lbs. 15oz.
18 1/2 in.
7 weeks premature

The first picture;
only a few minutes old.
She is surrounded by several
doctors and nurses who will
rush her off to the the
Natal Intensive Care Unit
after a quick kiss by Mom.

This is about 1 hour old.
Oxygen is being pumped
into the bubble to aid her
premature lungs.

Mom and Alyvia on day 3.
Her liver is not developed
enough yet to break down all
the extra red blood cells she has
so the light helps to break them
down. The bandage over her eyes
is to protect them from the light.

Holding Daddy's hand.
In the first day they tried a few
different oxygen methods
but they ended up putting a tube
straight into her lungs as she was tiring
out. She is doing very well now and it
will be removed soon.


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