Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alyvia's Progress

Our niece, who is only 5 yrs, wrote a letter to Alyvia all on her own without any help. She handed it to us after Church and asked if we could give it to Alyvia. It was really sweet!

Alyvia loves to stretch. She fusses at first when we bundle her up because she can't stretch out anymore!

She isn't crying in this picture, she is actually yawning. Even though she has cried for us, she is more quiet and content than most of the babies in the ICU. We've been told that will change, but who knows she could still be a pretty easy going baby when we bring her home.

She has moved from 1 bottle feeding every 4th feeding (feedings being 3 hrs apart), to a bottle every 3rd feeding. She has been doing pretty good at drinking most of the bottle.

This is the Ronald McDonald House we are staying at. And for those who didn't know before, we bought a van and ours is on the right.

Grandma Buhl ("Boo") and Daddy! My mother came down four days after Alyvia was born and will stay with us two weeks after Alyvia has come home. I am so glad she is here or I would be alone here in Reno while Todd is at work.

Children are truly a gift from God! When that little bundle of love looks up at you it is a wonderful gift.

Grandma Buhl made Alyvia an Eeyore blanket because I (Patty) love Eeyore. All the nurses like the blanket and the nurses that have been taking care of Alyvia went in search of some Eeyore outfits. They found two and put her in them.

She was in an incubator for a few days until she could maintain a good temperature. She is now out of the incubator and in a crib.

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