Thursday, June 13, 2013

May & June

Andy's BBQ celebrated 1yr in operation so we went out for karaoke!

Chocolate Ice-Cream = Happy Smiles!

One family went back to the States for a time but by the time they return we will be in the States. We won't see them until January. Needless to say the girls miss their friends.

Awhile back we mentioned our language helper and, more importantly our friend, Sasha, was getting married. Alyvia and Alayna were asked to be flower girls in her wedding!

This is one of the other flower girls. She really liked Alyvia and wanted Alyvia to follow her all over!

Our friend had a double wedding reception with her sister. They were both very beautiful brides!

We were so happy and blessed to be apart of Sasha's special day!

Then we went to the beach!

The girls had a blast playing in the sand, collecting shells, and running away from the waves!

We wondered if this might be the longest Malaysia flag?

The wedding was held on the Island of Penang. To get there you must cross the Penang Bridge which is 13.5km (8.4mi)! Those who know me (P) know about my fear of water. So how did I do? Well, I seriously almost hyperventilated the first time across but I survived.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Catching up with the last few months

 Alayna's favorite breakfast, roti canai. Folded, fried bread with curry gravy and sambal

One of many big, impressive mosques.

Monument to the soldiers who fought against communism in the 50's

"Hello Kitty" is as famous in Asia as the Disney Princesses are in the US 

Thailand is infamous for it's human trafficking (slave trade). Malaysia also struggles with it. Migrant workers come to Malaysia hoping for a better life but are often taken advantage of and forced to work in inhuman conditions or are kidnapped into the sex trade.
< This picture is from a graffiti art competition at a university in Kuala Lumpur. The event was to raise awareness of human trafficking in Malaysia. More info at

 Making friends with another vendor at a bazaar

Alayna Mae

Our friend and business partner, Yohann

Our portable BBQ setup. We are slowly getting famous in KL

Fan Club 

They must be sisters...

Patty and Intan, a friend from our apartment 

Buddy huddle 

Ayvia Rose

Monday, January 7, 2013

Nice end to another great year!

If you have girls then you probably already know about their love for dressing up and getting their nails done!

Some friends of ours were stationed in Jakarta, so we took a quick trip to see them while we had the opportunity. The tickets were a little high but on the day we actually purchased them the price dropped by over 60%! We just couldn't believe it. We had a great time. It's been awhile since we've seen anyone we once knew! 

The girls were excited to get back home however, because that meant putting up the Christmas tree and all the other decorations!
Not only did they help put up decorations, they also put on the decorations!

 We attended a Starbucks Christmas party again this year and one of the games turned out to be a lot of fun for Alyvia! Some kids were invited on stage with one of their parents. Then they were given a time limit to put make-up on their parent. Whoever received the most cheers and applause from the crowd won a prize. Alyvia didn't win but she had a lot of giggles about putting make-up on her daddy!

Making Sugar Cookies with friends, flour everywhere!

 We had our own Christmas party at our co-workers house. We made a lot of food and had a great time with friends who came and went through out the party. Our main dish Smoked Citrus Turkey.

Cuties having fun!

A good friend of ours in getting married! We are so excited for her and even more excited to attend her wedding in June! It will be our first time to see a traditional wedding here!

Here are some fun/funny things we've seen here:

 Do we go or stop? Not sure which one it is.

 This is the second accident on this corner we've seen. The first was a cement truck that tipped over, but we didn't have a camera with us. This one was a truck full of large rocks.

A few interesting things:

 Rainy season means lots of rain almost every day. These two pictures were taken only five minutes apart. One moment it's dark and raining and the next it has moved on.

Pasar Malam = Night Market. Yummy food and other fun sights!

 A cinnamon stick over half my size!

One of the yummy local foods, roti canai! They take some dough and spread it paper thin, fold it over about four times and fry it on a flat skillet. Sometimes you can get cheese added inside or eggs, chicken, butter and sugar, or (my persona favorite) sweetened condensed milk!

We accidentally dropped a heavy glass bottle into the sink. The sink broke but the glass bottle was unharmed.