Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Last 3 Months

 Went on a boat to Crab Island, the boat looked more like a plane that lost its wings and was turned into a boat.

 Some of the food: Fish head has some of the tastiest meat and yes you can eat the eye-ball! We didn't of course, but someone else did.

Went to a Rock'n'Roll Birthday Party!
The night market we worked at for the month of Ramadan (fasting month).

We worked a lot, but once Ramadan was over we got to relax a bit and enjoy Hari Raya. Everyone dresses up in the traditional baju melayu (for men) and baju kurung (for women).

We went to visit a place along a river with our neighbor friends. Its similar to a campground.

The kids and the dads enjoyed playing in the water.

Went on another boat ride at night to see fireflies.

Visiting some friends!
 We recently had a big sale day for Andy's BBQ. Almost sold out!

 Yes the girls are wearing their jackets in 80* weather. Quote from Alayna, "It's cold in Malaysia."

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