Monday, March 19, 2012

See What We See

Sunrise from our front window

Nasi Lamak (rice fat) -coconut rice, spicy sambal, peanuts, 
salted anchovies, cucumber and an egg (hard boiled or fried.

Banana tree near our apartment. The girls are
monitoring the growth of the baby bananas.

A lovely bunch of coconuts

Roof ornament on the community surau. A surau is like a
small mosque - a chapel compared to a church.

Dusk is a strange time of day in KL. Depending on the clouds and the pollution there are sometimes some weird colors in the sky. Many people believe this is when the spirits are most active. Parks and public places will empty for an hour or so as the sun goes down, then everyone comes back out again at night. 

Fogging for mosquitoes sometimes looks like the city is on fire.
Mosquitoes here can carry dengue fever and are responsible
for a lot of sickness and hospitalization.

Business FM - Love their slogans!

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