Monday, November 7, 2011

Place & Event

Batu Caves - A Hindu Holy Place
272 Steps, 140 ft. statue

Many out, they bite

Festival of Sacrifice. 
Commemorating When Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son.
Unloading the cows. Tie them to the fence and drive the truck away 
(picture taken from our window)

Offering one of the sacrifices a last meal

In total there were 9 cows sacrificed.

 7 families go in together to purchase a cow and the meat is divided accordingly. has more information under Eid al-Adha.

Patty was able to talk to a couple of ladies who were very helpful in explaining the in's and out's of everything and what the meaning was.

We were also able to meet a a couple of influential people in the community (and kids who fed the girls)

The butchering is done by the men and then distributed to the appropriate people.

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