Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Sheriff!

He's tough. He's rough. He's one bad ... kitty?!

Yep, that's right, we got ourselves a kitten! His title is "The Sheriff", but we just call him Sheriff. We're not exactly sure how old he is, but we'd guess he's about 7 weeks. He thinks he's tough and rough and there are plenty of times he is bad, but for the most part he's hilariously funny, cuddly when he wants to be, and a chicken when it comes to walking outside! He'll certainly bolt for the door to get outside, but to get him off the deck and walking around you have to drag him along. We realized when we got him that he would need shots and decided to take that as it came and not worry. Well, while we were gone in San Diego, CA, the Shepards were watching our kitten, when their kitten, who is about a week or more older, got sick and had to get shots. They told the Vet that they were watching our kitten and he told them to bring our kitten in and he would give him shots for free. Thankfully our kitten didn't get sick either, but praise the Lord that his first set of shots are already taken care of and at no cost!

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